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Story of unknown the best immersive philosophic social RPG: «The Talos Principle»

Not many people know about this niche masterpiece. But «The Talos Principle» really delivers some principle experience to the philosophical journey. What so unprecedented about the game is its smart niche combined with instead abnormal philosophic knowledge. It is in a way abstract for being philosophical, yet still it is classical straight forward philosophy which in its formalization can be found even in ancient philosophy.

As mentioned, genre it stands for is immersive philosophic social PRG. But more conventionally game described as first-person philosophic puzzle game. It is puzzle game mechanically and feels like «Portal», but puzzle it’s just the formal gameplay to suit the narrative. What’s more important is not to miss its huge RPG part in it. Because not to mention role playing yourself as a robot searching for purpose game has would be a sin. It is game’s main feature. To get it strict game is:

  1. Immersive – for you to first-person relive the experience of emerging in the unknown world, yet beautiful and interesting to find purpose of all this: from what’s happening to the why the way it is;  
  2. Philosophic – for problems you given to solve are mostly philosophical, those of the interest, not the puzzle ones. Game has huge philosophic background in it and will drag you by;
  3. Social PRG – for you to communicate with the world, chose right in the dialog tabs who you are and what is happening, chose yourself and how the world solves (many endings required).

Game will trouble your life with existential questions such as:

  1. What’s the meaning of life, what’s the meaning of meaning of life, when the recursive chain ends or there is none of any of it?
  2. What’s the difference between being born and begone dead?
  3. What’s the difference between you and android? What’s the difference between you and the android you playing?
  4. De simulation, de memory, de god and de transcendental;
  5. Why.

Although the game is already 5 years old, it’s engine and graphics recently has been updated. So, it is played very good in every way, not to mention the narrative still being the main feature. 10 out of 10 for the vivid philosophic gaming experience of your life.

Материал подготовил Илья Боровов

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